Electricity Retail

Electricity retail industry is one of the strategic industries that has a pivotal and undeniable role in achieving the national development plans of the country.

Power plant market consulting

Power plants, as generators of electricity, play an important role in the Iranian electricity market and intelligent and timely consulting has a significant impact on the performance of this industry.

Bilateral agreement

Companies with relatively stable energy consumption can supply their electricity through bilateral contracts with private suppliers.

Energy Exchange

Buy and sell electricity through transactions in the energy exchange and provide economic solutions to dear subscribers

About Us

The country’s electricity industry has always been the scene of many ups and downs since the establishment of the country due to different policies in its activity cycle. However, according to the policies of Article 44 of the Constitution, it seems that private The emergence of various sectors and industries, including the electricity industry, is inevitable. The process of privatization of the electricity market in Iran is under the concepts of deregulation, restructuring, restructuring Read more



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