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Electricity Retail

The electricity retail industry is one of the strategic industries that has a pivotal and undeniable role in achieving the national development plans of the country.
The formation of the electricity retail market as one of the prerequisites for expanding the competitive environment for the effective presence of the private sector has gained a special place in national programs, and therefore to continue the process of restructuring the electricity industry, electricity retail as one of the main priorities Tavanir General Assembly has been considered.

Therefore, at the beginning of November 2003, the Iranian electricity market officially announced the method, rate and conditions of electricity retail and other transactions (electricity purchase and sale) in the country’s electricity network by formulating and announcing regulations.

In this modern and free space in which the private sector is also present and its structure has been completely updated, various companies and organizations are operating. This change is the result of creating a suitable environment and supporting the public sector for the presence of the private sector in the field of electricity distribution


Tariff of the Ministry of Energy 2021-2022


Transit tariff 2021-2022


Sequence of calculating the subscribers


Sequence of calculating subscribers' bills above 5 MW


Capacity Certificate Purchase Instructions


Electricity retail market

Retailers are one of the active elements in this restructured space that play an active role in this ecosystem. Electricity retail companies can sell electricity according to approved instructions by receiving an electricity retail license from the Ministry of Energy.

Electricity retail market consultant

Owners of industrial units to meet the need for electricity and also reduce power outages that lead to financial losses in that industry, are able to quickly contact the consultants of the retail market of clean energy of Pooyesh Persian and the most economical and economical Get solutions to supply the electricity they need.

Electricity retail activity in Iran started with the first retail instruction number No. 24967/350/93 on 05/18/2014. According to this guideline, retail companies have the following powers

Energy Exchange

An energy exchange is a commodity exchange in which it is possible to trade energy carriers and securities based on these commodities. Energy carriers include oil, gas, electricity and other energy carriers. Iran Energy Exchange was established in March of 1991 with the aim of creating a transparent and efficient market with high liquidity and competitiveness, discovering fair prices and de-monopolizing the energy sector trading market.

Industrial Energy Audit

In energy auditing, by examining the production process of the relevant equipment, appropriate solutions are presented and implemented according to the needs of that industry. Among the advantages of this type of audit are the following:
Increase production line efficiency
Reduce the cost of paying energy bills
Identify weaknesses in the production line, equipment and improve it
Reduction of environmental pollutants

Power plant market consulting

Power plants, as generators of electricity, play an important role in the Iranian electricity market. Due to the many concerns that exist for power plants in the production and supply of equipment, the management of out-of-market supply is difficult. Therefore, Clean Energy Company, with its strong marketing team, can manage the out-of-market supply of power plants and provide the power plants with liquidity with the highest profit margins.

Retail electricity through a bilateral contract

These contracts are registered in Iran Electricity Network Management Company and have a higher flexibility than energy exchange purchases. Clean Energy Company, as the electricity supplier of its backup power plants, can sign bilateral contracts with customers in the most flexible way possible.

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