Leading in electricity retail

In the distribution sector, which is one of the sectors to be privatized, activities such as issuing retail licenses to qualified companies and setting up an energy exchange can be mentioned.
The main activity of Pak Energy Company in the field of industrial electricity supply is focused on concluding bilateral contracts and purchases from the Iran Energy Exchange, and this company is able to supply electricity to industries in the most economical and flexible way possible by submitting proposals. At present, the company is one of the major players in the Iranian electricity market, relying on the expertise and experience of its experts and having the support of a 4,000 MW power plant. Also, this company, as the first and largest electricity retailer in Iran with a trading ceiling of 1000 MW per month, with a monthly sales of 200 MW of energy to 40 subscribers, is ready to provide electricity to subscribers at a reasonable and economical price. .

history of the company

Due to the existing opportunities in the distribution sector and also the existence of potential talent, Arian Mahtab Gostar Company as the owner of the first private power plant and one of the largest private electricity producers in the country and Pooyesh Pars Data Processing Company with a long and brilliant history in providing meter reading and export services .The bill decided to cooperate in the field of distribution and in this regard, with the cooperation of Niroo Sarmayeh Company and Parsian Energy Management and Development Company, they established Pak Pooyesh Persian Energy Development Company.

Why Us ?

As the first electricity supplier company, we claim the most efficient and economical services

Flexible and economical contract

Clean energy contracts are designed and developed in a completely flexible way to facilitate the subscribers and speed up the work process.

Experienced electricity market team

The clean energy electricity market team consists of graduates of the country's top universities with professional experience in providing specialized solutions to esteemed subscribers.

24/7 customer support

Clean energy experts are ready to answer your questions via phone call, contact form and email

Company start-up date

October 2011

 Persian Pooyesh Clean Energy Development Company was established on 7/20/2011 under number 415127 with the aim of starting electricity retail activities.

The first retail license of this company, numbered 1-1188-90-421, was issued in 2011 by the Deputy Minister of Electricity and Energy of the Ministry of Energy. According to this license, Clean Energy Company guarantees the sale of electricity to final consumers and holds an electronic symbol.

Honors of Persian Pooyesh Clean Energy Development Company

Sep 2018

  • The first and largest electricity retailer in Iran
    Concluding the first bilateral electricity contract in the country
    The first electricity retailer active in the energy exchange
    Concluding the first contract with the common transmission voltage level
    Launching the first sample of retail electricity at the distribution level in Amirabad port of Mazandaran province

Code of Ethics

Core values

Accountability and responsibility for customer satisfaction

Adherence to national environmental interests

Paying attention to long-term economic security and creating sustainable values for shareholders

Stakeholder engagement, including investors, customers, vendors, employees and business partners based on mutual trust and benefit

Adherence to ethical principles and the rule of law

Strive for growth, excellence and continuous learning

Cooperation with charitable and social organizations


The vision document of the Clean Energy Development Company for the next five years is as follows

We want to be the top electricity supplier and retailer in Iran, our goal is to “pioneer innovation and provide new solutions” so that the development of clean energy is a model for other electricity retailers.

Development and expansion of electricity retail market in all parts of Iran and supply of electricity to all types of subscribers by providing technical and economic solutions to reduce the cost of electricity supply
Active presence in the energy exchange in order to meet the needs of the market through the purchase and sale of electricity
Providing the highest quality and most desirable services equal to the standards and criteria of the Ministry of Energy in attracting customer satisfaction
Utilization of modern technologies and optimization of equipment and having an engineering, economic network with easy and safe operation
Develop the use of small-scale generators and clean energy with the aim of preserving the environment and creating economic added value
Achieving effective and modern energy management solutions in power plants and industrial complexes
Organizing all material and human resources and creating constructive and effective interaction with its stakeholders, including customers, employees, shareholders and the community, and aligning policies in order to continuously increase productivity

Introduction of shareholders

Niroo Sarmayeh Company (Public Joint Stock Company) started its activities in 1991 by providing financial, investment, management and technical consulting services. The company also entered the OTC market of the company on 08/02/2011.

Avadis Energy Development Group is composed of young and specialized personnel with experience in the electricity industry in order to carry out investment and educational activities in the electricity industry. In this regard, at present, this group is active in various groups of the group in the fields of power plant investment and construction, power plant operation and repairs, financial and technical training of the electricity industry, specialized consulting, and so on.